Shipshape and Bristol Fashion!

It’s not just good seamanship to keep our boats and docks shipshape… now it’s the rule. The Board has ammended our House Rules to include a provision to help maintain a pleasing and nautical appearance in our marina.

Rule 33 reads:

All watercraft harbored in the Marina shall be aesthetically maintained as determined by the Board. Boat decks shall be kept free from non-nautical clutter; plastic wrap and tarps are not allowed for shading devices (shrink wrap is allowed for the winter season but must be removed by the summer rental period) and vessel exterior shall not have excessive mold or mildew.

Most of us take great pride in one of our most prized and enjoyed possessions. Let’s all make sure that we project that pride and seamanship to our slipmates and visitors to our marina.

LBYC House Rules