No Racing in the Marina

Okay, sailboat racing in the LBYC marina basin is a little more extreme (we hope) than in this photo we took while visiting a marina in St. Petersburg, Florida. However, there is a rule that appears in the “House Rules” document concerning coming into the marina under sail, which states:

15. All sailboats shall enter and exit the marina under auxiliary power only.

A rare occurance indeed, but one that has been witnessed on occasion. Remember that if you’re a slip renter or owner somewhere during the transaction you were given the House Rules to read, reflect on and sign (if you were not, please let us know immediately). These rules were put in place for the safety, pleasure and aesthetics of all slip residents.

Most House Rules apply to us all and only a few to sailboats specifically (have you read the one about slapping halyards?) so we’re only using this as example of something that may have been forgotten. If you haven’t browsed through them in awhile you might want to do some brushing up. It makes for great reading!

LBYC House Rules