Are your smoke alarms up to date?

Captain John McDevitt made this observation regarding the use of smoke alarms on boats, or more accurately the non-use of alarms. For your own sake, and of your fellow boaters give serious consideration as to your fire safety effectiveness

“There are three fire events that represent the greatest percentage of marine industry fire losses. The first is a fire that starts aboard a boat in a marina. This fire, usually electrical in origin, starts small and typically smolders for some time. If the fire is not detected, it will continue until the fire gains headway and visibly burns outside the confines of the origin boat. At this point the fire is beyond control by any nearby people or marina personnel. Every year marina fires cause considerable damage to boats and the marina, and create serious environmental issues when boats sink and fuel floats freely to the surface. (Seattle has had 35 serious marina fires in 5 years.) These fires always start aboard a single boat. These same conditions become more dangerous when there are people in the boat and there is no warning of the fire.”

You can read more at the knowledgebase section of Meretron website where you can download Captain McDevitt’s full report.